Gratitude dances in the air, a melody of blessings sung from heart to heart. Well, it’s about women.

Is there a realm more profoundly endearing? Is there a higher form of praise than when women artists wield their brushes to depict their own kind? It’s a ceaseless fascination, akin to a tender embrace from the artist to every woman across the globe.

Thank you!


A journey through Instagram has recently introduced me to these two female artists in my digital garden.

Let’s start with Orit Fuchs:

Her art is about the beauty of a woman.

Orit, born in Israel and currently residing there, paints women who are seductive, sassy, and never portrayed as unnatural or too perfect. She directs the viewer’s gaze to soft expressions, feminine beauty in various forms, elegant clothing, and, most notably, sensual lips. Fashion and makeup are other focal points of her work.

The reference to Katz is inevitable, reminiscent of Alex Katz, due to the common subject—women’s faces and close-ups—painted in vibrant, vivid colors, capturing the perfect yet natural skin tone. It’s almost poster-like, an homage to the female face.

Orit Fuchs is represented by a few galleries, including Guy Hepner Gallery and Maune Contemporary.

Then, Jamie McCarrier:

Look at this hair! Resembling a lollipop from a fairground, soft ice cream on the beach, yet much more creative and endearing. The artist employs wonderfully soft colors, crafting the most enchanting hairstyles with their brushstrokes.

Girls, women, kids, with and without Mum, often visibly relish a summer day on the shore.

It’s all about that gorgeous salty hair, free sunshine, and the sensation of being on the US-American West Coast. A piece of art that transports us to a summer vacation that – maybe – once took place in a wooden beach house. The paintings exude warmth and love, embody the adoration between individuals, a tranquil essence that emanates love for life and lust for life.

Jamie’s artworks capture both freedom and a sense of belonging.

Could we stop blaming art for being this beautiful, for „just and only – und sowieso überhaupt in jeglicher Form – being beautiful“?

Yes, we can!

And we will!

Gratitude dances in the air, a melody of blessings sung from heart to heart.

Well, it’s about women.

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