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Read yesterday that Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons is one of four artists who recently won the MacArthur „Genius“ Fellowship, and I wanted to write about her and the type of art and love she creates. 

Maria Magdalena has been living in Nashville, Tennessee, for five years, which is a hub for the (country) music scene in the USA. She was born in 1955 in Cuba and grew up in La Vega, a town famous for its sugar plantation, and arrived in the U.S. when she was 27.

I fell in love with the reel on IG that the Brooklyn Museum provided regarding the artists current exhibition there. If you have the opportunity, please take a look at the Instagram, if not, create one!

Maria Magdalena showcases an explosion of creativity encompassing all colors, or rather, different genres. She is a painter, a photographer, a sculptor, a performance artist, and a creator of audiovisual media. Her art is a fabulous celebration, and a courageously one, filled with profound meaning.

When you experience her work, you can sense the pleasures of life, the sensations it evokes, sexuality, Cuban culture, multicultural identity—embracing Cuban, Nigerian, Chinese influences—and issues related to gender. She delves into the shadow sides of each of these themes—the struggles, the pain, the lessons of life, tears, and, again, the opposite: tears of joy.

She also addresses the struggles of women in society, their place in it, and her own sexuality. The MOMA wrote in an interview with the artist in October 2022, „Pains and power of Black women.“

Maria Magdalena has had and continues to have exhibitions in some of the most impressive American museums. She is represented by Gallery Wendi Norris in San Francisco, Barbara Thumm in Berlin, and Bernice Steinbaum Gallery in Florida.

USA . Germany . USA .

And there may be other galleries interested in showcasing her work, especially after her recent success. In 2013, she represented her home country, Cuba, at the Venice Biennale.

When asked about her work, Maria Magdalena emphasizes that her art is always connected to geography and explores themes related to nature and countries. She finds ways to link these themes together, much more she believes that they belong together.

For her, the connection between the human body and nature is captivating. She talks about the idea that nature can express itself through the human body.

You as you are, with your soul and body.

She can also speak in pure amazement about the beauty of magnolia trees, and be happy that owls are feminine in Spanish, called „La Lechuza,“ not just „Lechuza.“ Feminin and free. And the opposite again: Birdcages are an aspect of her work, including their creation, production, different shapes and types.

So freedom is a main subject.

Maybe the most important one.

Free to be yourself.

Free to speak up.

Free to laugh, and love, and live.

Her work also explores the idea of truth. So freedom again. One of her artworks is titled „The Truth Doesn’t Kill You.“ And it is undoubtedly a truth when she speaks of no other group of women exposing themselves to so much suffering and pain while giving so much love and care in return. 

Wunderbar, isn’t it?

Frei, isn’t it?

Mannigfaltig, isn’t it?

Congratulations on winning the prize!

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons. Current exhibition at Brooklyn Museum . 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238 . September, 15th, 2023 – January, 14th, 2024.



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