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There’s this saying by Dostoevsky that beauty will save the world. And these are big words in a super-optimistic way I’m not used to when it comes to Dostoevsky at all. His literature is marked by the typical, albeit clichéd, attention to detail of the Russians, but always permeated by melancholy and concern, which is so classical and undeniable, among all the great Russian writers of the 19th century.

Childlike joy and powers of observation, but in between, this heaviness, this subdued pleasure in the beautiful life because one has experienced it differently, because one knows more, at least for oneself. And then he speaks for the world, Dostoevsky, that it can be saved, in all its beauty, in all its ugliness, by a beauty that gently drapes over it,

soothing, caring, healing,


Our world, which, despite all its wonderful magic in it, is also permeated by the opposite, which I now don’t want to delve into, something I rarely do anyway.

We humans are wonderfully diverse. We have our demons and are equally capable of doing bad, being mean, and we all know that, can see it all the time, if we choose to. But what if we consciously shift our focus away from all the negativity, gossip, and things we have become so accustomed to that we no longer see the beauty around us?

What if we focus on the beauty, want to see it, and learn to see it? And no, wanting to see and learn to see doesn’t mean we have to look at something for so long that it becomes boring.

Not even pictures.

Not even art.

Just let’s have fun in your own way!

We can only look for seconds, capture a detail, move on, and let that detail linger on our tongues, in our minds, and play up and down in our hearts for minutes, hours, days, glancing at it, feeling it, from different angles, and eventually revisiting the image a second time, as a whole, or extracting another detail, whatever we want, what does us good.

When we are treated well, we are also much more able to relax, and willing treat others well, too. So, what if, for once, we don’t want to understand but simply surrender?

What if we allow ourselves to believe that we are worthy of experiencing pure joy, super-pure joy, of being entertained, even in the most – official – superficial way sometimes ?

Indeed we are allowed to canter through museums, galleries, art fairs, fall in love with pictures, paintings, out of the blue, it takes just one look sometimes, praise beauty over the top, and feel good about it.

If we allow it, every form of art moves us, I’m convinced of that, in its own important way, – be it music, literature, poetry, dance, painting, photography, sculpture, even architecture. But what if it’s beautiful art, beauty itself, that softens us, that can do what Dostoevsky meant? And perhaps when we’re able to see and appreciate beauty, we’re capable and willing to discover so much more behind it.

Just like Dostoevsky, the detail-oriented, the lover, the somewhat tormented, and the gambler.

Good guy!

And I don’t know, just guessing, feeling, and loving – beauty in art, and everything that comes with it.

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PetissaPan studiert interessiert & neugierig das Leben, und schafft nebenher, leidenschaftlich und fleissig Kreativität, Text & Mode. Sie geht mit offenen Augen & Sinnen durch die Welt, und saugt Inspirierendes & Bereicherndes auf. PetissaPan ist und kreiert leicht, weich, romantisch, verspielt und wunderbar verträumt. Is your world little to mainstream? PetissaPan created an own.

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