Be tempted

I want what I want.

For whatever reason.

And I reject the rest. Always.

Well, go for it!

Buy it, or let yourself be bought. Provocative, like the statement made this morning by the National Gallery in London: „If it’s not a Watteau, we don’t want it“ with an Instagram post. But what is considered provocative these days anyway?

The museum is making a joke, showcasing great artworks by the most famous artists ever, and Watteau is „only“ one of them. Perhaps „only“, but unique. And as a private individual, you’re free to choose regardless.

And sometimes, yes, sometimes, there might be a longing for Watteau.


Because Watteau has truly fallen out of time. Too sweet. Too romantic. Too overblown. Too extravagant. Ruffles everywhere, terribly adorned! Too mismatched for everything and in general, and precisely why it’s the most enticing for certain moments.

It’s best to hang it in the bedroom for that reason. Evoking sensuality and meaning, wanting to understand art history, with this horribly – too often scorned by academia – Rococo. A risqué Boucher next to it, perhaps Leda and the Swan, and even Correggio, whatever.

What else could Watteau want, amidst all the zeitgeist-representing, vibrant, modern artists, full of color, freedom, and self-assured dominance?

Watteau. Faded pastels. Gentleness in gesture and gaze. Storytelling from another era.

Heaven, that it still exists.

A Flamingo Sky for the museum!

So, National Gallery, it should be a Watteau .. – You are representative. What do the collectors and buyers in the auction house say about that .. – Here, the market is ticking.

Rising stars.

Rolling heads.

In between, this dreamy nonsense from the 18th century. Yuck!

Well, I’m in big-big love with Watteau, the Rococo, too, and one, two, three, other artists or men as well.

Be tempted!

Be seduced!

Why just Watteau?

Again: Be tempted! Alone. Together. And in the best case, by art on the wall, a fast horse, and happy cattle in your pastures. And, oh my gee, don’t forget bull riding, and all the adrenaline at art auctions, and the satisfaction in galleries or in nature.

Watteau. Nature. And the (life)stock market.

Everything you can imagine is possible.

Every dream comes true. And I want me, you – yes, not „you“ and then „me“ – all of us, to have it all!

To have an Antoine Watteau, *1684 in Valenciennes, France, too.




my video linked to it on IG: Salt Lake City in Utah. Kiss!

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