The Quiet Girls

A sunset in the desert . Artist: Cassidy Finn . At „The Gallery“ / „Grand Circle Arts Alliance“ . Page/Arizona.

Nature is both innocence and great power. A sunset becomes even more vibrant with its bright yellow, red, and purple hues, appearing perfect, when pollution is more pronounced. 

This is something I learned yesterday. 

And we were treated to a stunning sunset due to the low-hanging, heavy clouds that allowed for a more concentrated and intense color palette. It was truly beautiful.

And every sunset is unique. 

And every physical touch, too.

Some sunsets are soft and pastel-colored, romantic at its best. Others are intense, taking your breath away, and everyone thinks you’ve used Photoshop or applied a filter, but you haven’t. Everything is real!

And sometimes human touch is about passion and pace.

And sometimes it is about gentle innocence. 

White, like a swan’s feather, majestic and graceful yet fragile but resolute. This is reminiscent of the subjects in Devra Fox’s artworks. „The Quiet Girl ..“ (2022 . Did you see this movie? A favorite!)

With precision, she combines elements of the human body with natural elements like trees, roots, and leaves.

There is the huge contrast between black and white.

There is these calmness as soon as you enter the exhibition space.

It’s flowers and fertility. It’s pureness. It is love and letting go.

In love.

With love.

But you, you can hold on to it, keep it, it is, as unromantic it may appear, for sale. But then it isn’t unromantic at all. Instead it is the most delicate dance you can own and display on your walls. It’s the dance between the most contrasting colors, between delicacy and strength, between plants and people. 

Stories to tell.

Thank you, Devra!

Devra Fox . „Wish, Bone“ . at Nicodim Gallery . Los Angeles . until Oct. 28, 2023.

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