Same, same . But different .

Once upon a time .. And there will be a time.

Salt Lake City . Utah . USA .

Well, there’s no „yes we can,“ because we can’t.

We can’t compare art represented by artists, galleries, and museums in the countryside with art represented by the big players in the market, with their galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, and the art metropolises in Europe. But why not?

In every single gallery in the U.S. countryside, there could be an artist who has the potential to become a superstar in the future, and the galleries in the art metropolises, especially New York City, would compete to represent them. These artists could be presented by one of the large mega-galleries that would prefer to poach top artists from each other and often do so when the opportunity arises.

Today is today, and the world can look very different tomorrow. Especially in the USA, where, as a European, I get the impression that everything happens particularly quickly. In the cities.

Attract attention! Get hyped!

Fall! Be forgotten?

In the countryside, as I was recently told on a ranch, time moves slowly. I felt that and can feel it. Nevertheless, if one of the artists from the countryside makes it to one of the metropolises, success can come quickly.

It’s an amazing game.

The artists know that. The market knows that.

Now, Salt Lake City is not exactly countryside, and it’s fantastic that I was able to get an overview of the local artists‘ art there, besides all the art I’ve already seen in Montana, Wyoming, Washington State, Arizona.

In the summer that has just passed, I visited MOMA in New York and was delighted to find a wallpaper with pink cow head motifs on bright yellow background on the first floor, created by Andy Warhol, star artist of the pop art area. And on one of the other floors, there was a simple, well-bound rectangular hay bale. The sign on the ground: do not touch! So, enjoy with your eyes, haying season has passed ..

Same. But different?

Sometimes only in price.

Sometimes time can change everything.

We are coming closer together! City and country.

That’s good!

Enjoy art by artists from Utah. Scroll back to the top.

MOMA NYC . Summer 2023 . Andy Andy !!
Haying season .. And don‘t touch me!

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