Blue Moon

If life’s unjust, I’m struggling, feeling tweaked or bored, grab my dog & car and go out into the blue. Into the night blue to be exact.

In my pink cashmere jacket dressed and the hand brake from my light blue Bentley released. Ten years, high-class & captivatingly beautiful. Classy elegant as I like and want it.


On orange leather on the passenger seat next to me, Randy Andy, my silver-coloured greyhound sits full of charm & grace. She’s a lady and a diva, at the same time fragile small & exquisite fine, too. Randy Andy is wearing a velvet necklace with blue sapphires – more worth than the dearly loved pooch. The noble pointed nose arrogantly sticked up in the air. Randy Andy! I have to grin. Divine! Her slender lop ears – as if joyfully anticipating – swaying in the barely perceptible breeze as I open the windows halfway, taken the hot ride in the noble car. Our last trip is weeks ago.

Leading this luxurious sophisticated Briton, deeply & majestically humming through the sleepy streets of our city now – slowly, carefully, can hardly hold it back. We want to get out. Give us a ride! The 400 hp nervously twitching under our butts at every red light. Pure anticipation. Randy Andy yelps spontaneously when we leave behind the last houses. Highway: here we are!

I close the windows and step on the gas. Supersonic and beyond us navy blue sky: blue moon – blue mood. And the scent of noble leather and the freshly perfumed dog-girl fill my nose. My lovely girl smells of roses: sultry, deep red and full. The crazy sound of the sporty Mister B. takes me out of my thoughts and inspires my spoiled ears. That’s the way we three fly through the night and the streets belong to us. I feel hot and the smile won´t disappear from my face. My dog in trance.

Two hours later the delicate Beauty dozes on my pink wool jacket which bites the rich orange colour of the leather seats. Shhh, be quiet don’t fight and let the little One sleep! Throttled the powerful engine and driving the exquisite Briton carefully the last meters. Anybody seen my baby? No-Nobody’s aware of us! Parking at my home – until the next night – the next ride – in weeks – months. Take my softly snoring girl gently into my arms.

Wonderful night! Troubles forgotten. Who needs trouble when (s)he’s got such an amazing Englishman? Randy Andy nods in her sleep.

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PetissaPan studiert interessiert & neugierig das Leben, und schafft nebenher, leidenschaftlich und fleissig Kreativität, Text & Mode. Sie geht mit offenen Augen & Sinnen durch die Welt, und saugt Inspirierendes & Bereicherndes auf. PetissaPan ist und kreiert leicht, weich, romantisch, verspielt und wunderbar verträumt. Is your world little to mainstream? PetissaPan created an own.

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