An overdose romantic please

A flower coronal in softly waved long hair. A rose as the messenger of love in the left hand. – Heart side. A soft & fine blouse in a pale rose. The painted girl, imbedded in a sea of blossoms and in mildly fresh colours of nature.

What a beauty. Kunst & Kurven.

Ermm, who claims that we have to communicate by unromantic WhatsApp or SMS if it’s up to love messages & love nowadays? Who wants to get technical devices, a rucksack or a subscription for the gym as a gift from his one-and-only-loved-one?

Short hair, jeans and sneakers? In all honesty: I love this canvas by Courtois and I am not really willing to use WA & SMS when it comes to love & intimacy. Dream of getting “lovely greetings”, letters closing with „Love, ..“, old-school-letters & all kind of flowers instead of emoticons und „LG“. And who ever is slamming the door in my face instead of opening it for me? „Sorry guys, I’m a girl who’s in favour with gentlemen.”

Who claims that it’s not possible to pick the best from all the different eras and that we have to keep up with the times? And sometimes „having nothing“ can be so much more satisfying than „having a little piece of the cake“ only.

“Ma Vie” often means that there are no compromises for our wishes. And some women are still adorable in an peculiar anachronistic way today: Outdated mademoiselles with a high demand on standards, – confusing & snooty, sweet king’s daughter, affectations und bodies which are neatly wrapped up in white lace and silk with flower prints.

Foto & Text: PetissaPan

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PetissaPan studiert interessiert & neugierig das Leben, und schafft nebenher, leidenschaftlich und fleissig Kreativität, Text & Mode. Sie geht mit offenen Augen & Sinnen durch die Welt, und saugt Inspirierendes & Bereicherndes auf. PetissaPan ist und kreiert leicht, weich, romantisch, verspielt und wunderbar verträumt. Is your world little to mainstream? PetissaPan created an own.

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