I, You, He, She, We Can!

Thank you so very much, for being a child at heart! And your huge enthusiasm, your writing of & for art!

Perhaps it’s the best thing of all not to settle in, but instead to see both sides – even opposites – to live, just to be! Like, for example, being a police officer and a police counterpart in equal measure; or an art historian and artist in one. In Germany. In America. Abroad.
Maybe that’s a way of understanding something completely different. To be an adult and a child at the same time. Me and you. You and me. We. Just who likes ..

Like „take it or leave it“. To be grateful for inspiration. Just ride! and see, listen, read, feel … Soak it all up! and express, share with the world. Maybe the greatest gift – from me, from you, everybody.


März 2023.

Don‘t go to museums with a destination. Museums are wormholes to another world. They are ecstasy machines.

Jerry Saltz

No Science. Just nothing ..

Mark Rothko’s tightly identified with New York school, which was a circle of artists who emerged in American art a new collective voice during the 1940s.

He created an impassioned and new form of the abstract paintings, and had a career which spanned five decades. Rothko’s work is marked by his attention to elements such as composition, color, shape, depth, scale, and balance. In his works, open structure, large scale, and thin layers.
A compositional format he had introduced by 1949 he continued to develop all over his career. Composed of several rectangular forms, vertically aligned, set within colored fields, his „image“ appears in a remarkable diversity. 

Rothko’s later classic paintings are characterised by an simplified use of form, expanding dimensions and thin, broad washes of color. Color, for that his work is maybe most celebrated. 

There is no such thing as good painting about nothing.

Mark Rothko


“Romantic Irony at Arario Gallery, Seoul opens the new space with five Korean artists, grouped under the titular concept of German philosopher Friedrich von Schlegel.”


This art is all about looking at and living with doubt.
A characterizing characteristic.
An amazing adventure.
A life-long experience.
All and everything : so very typical of our times! in which faith and scepticism are waving in its own dust .. And one artwork bears the words „Don’t touch me!“ – maybe as a homage to the resurrected Jesus.


HVW8 Gallery Berlin celebrates in challenging times new beginnings, with the exhibition THE NEW YESTERDAY.

To various new manifestations shifting – psychological & physical – changing landscapes .. Resting a moment .. transforming into another next ..

The first step in the unknown : How does it fell?

To the uncertain : How do we react? Is there trust and a leap of faith?

By nature is the artist repeating this kind of progress every new work. Off to new beginnings the Gallery presents artist as 44 Flavours, Sebastian Haslauer, Daniel M Thurnau, Sascha Missfeldt, Stefan Rinck, Jaybo Monk, SuperBlast.

HVW8 is based in Berlin and Los Angeles. 

„ .. for each beginning bears a special magic that nurtures living and bestows protection.“

Hermann Hesse
Berlin Wall. Authentic Pieces of History.

Play Art!

Berlin, Street Art, und Chanel : La vie est belle!

Homage to Vermeer? .. Be grateful for bad cards. They make you a better player.