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Cheyenne in Wyoming, founded in the late 19th century, main capital, 65 000 people, and named after the Cheyenne Native American people, has an art scene. Of course it has! And artists!

One such artist is Brandon Bailey, a 39-year-old painter born in this city. He has always been deeply fascinated by the outdoors and has had the opportunity to travel to countries like New Zealand and Africa in the past to study their flora and fauna. This practice mirrors the traditions of 19th-century painters who ventured abroad to enhance their skills, gain new perspectives, see something new, unexpected, unpredictable.

Brandon’s western art is magnifique!

– and that’s French, while his themes represent the American dream and freedom, along with his own passions, because in the past he used participate in competitive bull riding events.

„I figured if I can ride a two-thousand pound wild farm animal, there is nothing I can’t at least try to overcome.“

Brandon Baily

American mindset, as American as his paintings. 

In Cheyenne, Brandon is represented by the Gallery Deselms Fine Art & Custom Framing. This gallery also features other notable artists such as Cathy Nicholas, whose distinctive style captures the essence of farm and ranch life using a variety of color hues and painting shapes from another world, absolutely not the countryside ..

Mick Shimonek is another artist. Fell in like and love with his wide-brushed landscape paintings. And there are many more talented artists to explore at this gallery who you could love or fall for.

Gallery Deselms Fine Art & Custom Framing is most well-known for its bronze sculptures displayed throughout Cheyenne. These sculptures can be found in more than 70 locations across the city. Accessible by car, or you could go on foot, lustwandeln!

– and this is German, while the themes of the sculptures are distinctly American, representing its wildlife, its visions, and its realized dreams.

Furthermore, I recommend the Cheyenne Artist Guild, and the Manitou Galleries.

It’s wonderful to witness the thriving art scene in Cheyenne, which celebrates the city’s heritage, its connection to the American West, and its appreciation of the arts. This artistic vibrancy enriches the cultural life of both residents and visitors alike.

All photos of the paintings, detail photography, too, taken in the mentioned galleries, or in the street, in and around Cheyenne.
For information about the artists, contact me via email

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