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„The artist who doesn’t do interviews“, the Interview Magazine 2014 titled an article about Isa Genzken.

Isa Genzken is German, born 1948 in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost state of Germany, and had once Gerhard Richter as her husband. 

Isa is renowned for her sculptures, I immediately fell in love with her monumental red rose, created for Frieder Burda, situated in Lichtentaler Allee, in front of Villa Schriever, home to the Burda Foundation. This location is in Baden-Baden, my favorite city and my adopted country for many years. 

Today, I was captivated by the diversity of Isa’s body of work while exploring the first floor of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Isa demonstrates a profound affinity for various materials, both for their stability and their ability to convey a sense of floating. Her art encompasses themes relevant to contemporary society. Isa’s passion for art was evident even before her birth, as she knew she wanted to be an artist „while still in her mother’s womb“. 

Perhaps her uniqueness and success in the world of art can be attributed to her distinct perspective on German architecture, which she does not like. So she creates plastic art in a manner that resonates with her personal vision, working from the depths of her being with fervor, freedom, dedication, confidence, and experience, consistently influencing the zeitgeist with avant-garde visions of her past and post-apocalyptic themes.

You have to find everything within yourself.

Isa Genzken

Isa has the ability to be provocative as well, as evidenced by works like „New Buildings for Berlin“ and „Fuck the Bauhaus.“ She creates art for people, with the intention of stimulating viewers and holding up a mirror to them, encouraging introspection.

Isa enjoys fame in both the United States and Europe and resides back in Berlin, though she claims that New York, where she lived for several years, remains her favorite city, she prefers that her artwork’s is called topical, not modern, had a point in her career when she started to admire cheap material, and, to get this right: she does, indeed, participate in interviews.

Current exhibition . Neue Nationalgalerie . Berlin .

Isa Genzken . 75/75 . July, 13 – Nov. 27 .

Villa Schriever . Baden-Baden . Rose : Isa Genzken . 1993 .

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